"It's the mind itself which builds the body."

                                                                      -Joseph H. Pilates

Workshops and trainings are a wonderful way to expand your personal practice or your teaching skills. Various workshops and trainings are offered throughout the year for both students and teachers. 

I developed, taught, and managed the Align Pilates Teacher Training program from 2003-2014. I am qualified to teach any workshop or training at your studio for clients or teachers. 

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or training at your studio for students or teachers please contact me.


Hands, Feet, Body: Ground your client


Prana Stretch® Teacher Assistant Training 

Develop your teaching style and become a more efficient teacher by learning how to use your hand...and your feet.. and your whole body to ground your students.

August 13-17, 2018

Location: The Cottage
Cost: Inquire

Completion of a formal yoga teacher training, Pilates teacher training, or any bodywork training.

In this training students will learn hands on techniques that are designed to provide deep relaxation and healing into ones body. Students will learn not only how to use their hands but also how to use their feet and whole body to ground the person in front of them. In addition students will learn proper and safe alignment for both themselves and their student when taking someone into a deep stretch or adjustment. ALL of these techniques can be used in basic-body work sessions as well as special adjustments and hands on given in any type of yoga class. Students who complete the training will be eligible to assist Prana Stretch® classes. 2-4 classes are offered throughout the city each month. Being a part of the Prana Stretch® team is a wonderful way to; experience different studios, meet different instructors and therapists in the city, get paid, and become really gifted at using your hands, feet, and body to release prana in someone!


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