"As a teacher of the classic Pilates Method Adrienne Fitzmaurice is among the elite in this region. She has studied under and taught some of the greats who have direct connections to Joseph Pilates. Adrienne has a keen understanding of the Method both as a superior exercise practice as well as the therapeutic benefits."                                                                                                                                                       -Mark Oyaas / Neerland & Oyaas Inc.                             

MY Mission

My mission is to fully understand each clients body and movement style so that I can help them find their own efficient, physical strength. Ultimately taking their bodies to where they never thought they could go and resulting in overall health. 

about adrienne

Twenty years ago Adrienne discovered that hanging herself upside down from fuzzy straps attached to something called the “Cadillac” and stretching, elongating, and challenging her balance on a bed of springs called the “Reformer” could improve her dancing and better yet correct her scoliosis.

Five years later she found herself flying back and forth to the world renowned Pilates Center, in Boulder Colorado, to complete their 800 hour Pilates teaching certification program.  Thus began Adrienne’s fifteen year (and still counting) teaching journey.

Adrienne’s Boulder Pilates certification instilled in her a commitment to consider that all movement can be retrained to be generated from one’s core and simultaneously be strong, organic and supple. Adrienne has studied, practiced and taught Gyrotonic, Pranassage, and Barre.  She brings to each special attention to the proper body movement mechanics and body alignment.

Adrienne founded, owned, managed, and taught at Align Pilates Studio in Minneapolis for 11 years.  She also designed and facilitated the studio’s teacher training program for Pilates and Barre.  Adrienne is especially proud of her reputation as a teacher who welcomes and revels in teaching people of all ages, body types, and all movement abilities.

Adrienne’s private instruction and group classes will challenge you to your limit. Importantly, you will be guided with an emphasis on correct alignment and efficient movement. 

In the end, she believes your movement experience should be fun, safe and physically and mentally rewarding.

Adrienne lives in Minneapolis with her amazing husband, beautiful daughter, cute as can be little boy and her giant dog…Clover.